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The Madagascar Library is indebted to the following for their kind donations to the collection:

Zoologie de Madagascar Zoologie de Madagascar [Zoology of Madagascar], 1932, by Guillaume Grandidier and Gabriel Petit.
Gift from Philip Jones. UID#4286.
Biogéographie des Plantes de Madagascar Biogéographie des Plantes de Madagascar [Biogeography of the Plants of Madagascar], 1936, by Joseph Marie Henry Alfred Perrier de la Bâthie.
Gift from Philip Jones. UID#4285.
A Man in Shining Armour A Man in Shining Armour: The story of the life of Dr William Wilson, MRCS and LRCP, missionary in Madagascar, Secretary of the Friends Foreign Mission Association, c.1911, by A. J. Crosfield and G. Crosfield.
Gift from Philip Jones. UID#4284.
Faithful unto Death Faithful unto Death: A story of the missionary life in Madagascar of William & Lucy S. Johnson with illustrations, 1896, edited by P. Doncaster.
Gift from Philip Jones. UID#4283.

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