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The Madagascar Library is indebted to the following for their kind donations to the collection:

Theresa Haine, Philip Jones, Diane Williams, Farasoanirina Rasoarimalala, Peter Handel, Ony Rakotoarivelo, Steve & Glen Austin, Hilary Bradt, Moritz Grubenmann, Safiye Aybike Göcek, Lorna Gillespie, Fred Triep, Richard Bohan, Mike Wilson, Fabiola Deprez, Suzette Rakotoambinina, Mary Summerill, Franco Andreone, Janet Robinson, Andry Petignat, Brian Donaldson, Harriet Joao, Julian Cooke, Kara Moses, Conservation International, Rojosoa Harinala, Adrian Fowler, Ailie Tam, Chris Sewell, Frank Muttenzer, Heiko Hooge, Carrie Antal, Andrew Ridge, Derek Schuurman, Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Barry Ferguson, Mike Bungard, Miguel Vences, Dorothy Rowlands, Carma Wadley, Sally Crook, Marcel Koenig, Silvia Dohr, Rory Graham, Jill A. Donenfeld, Jane Wilson-Howarth, David A. Baum, Joseph Radoccia, Richard Jenkins, Ivanna Volochiy, Michael Phillips, Giorgia Tasker, Peter Biddlecombe, and Kelly Green.

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If you would like to donate an item to the Madagascar Library, please send a message through the contact form.

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