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The Madagascar Library is indebted to the following for their kind donations to the collection:

The Flora and Vegetation of Madagascar The Flora and Vegetation of Madagascar: A Review, 1988, by Munday Gordon and Merlin Minday.
Gift from Philip Jones. UID#4290.
Wine Tourism: Africa in a bottle: Madagascar Wine Tourism: Africa in a bottle: Madagascar: Telegraph Travel article (Saturday 2 November 2002), 2002, by John Platter and Erica Platter.
Gift from Philip Jones. UID#4289.
Ny Epistily ho any Efesiana Ny Epistily ho any Efesiana: Fiaraha-mandinika ny soratra masina [The Epistle to the Ephesians: An examination of the scriptures], 1968, by Marc Spindler.
Gift from Philip Jones. UID#4288.
L'Art Malgache L'Art Malgache [Malagasy Art] (Pays d'Outre-Mer (Colonies, Empires, Pays Autonomes): Cinquième Serie: Art et Littérature [Overseas Countries (Colonies, Empires, Autonomous Countries): Fifth Series: Art and Literature]), 19...
Gift from Philip Jones. UID#4287.

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