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The Madagascar Library is indebted to the following for their kind donations to the collection:

The Gardens of Mars The Gardens of Mars: Madagascar: an Island Story (The Apollo Library), 2021, by John Gimlette.
Gift from Hilary Bradt. UID#5730.
New Scientist New Scientist: 10 August 2019, 2019, edited by Emily Wilson.
Gift from Steve & Glen Austin. UID#5723.
MAE Infos MAE Infos, 2016.
Gift from Ony Rakotoarivelo. UID#5659.
Magma Yeryüzü Dergisi Magma Yeryüzü Dergisi: Sayı 4: Nisan/Mayıs 2015 [Issue 4: April/May 2015], 2015, edited by Yayın Yönetmeni and Yazi Işleri Müdürü.
Gift from Safiye Aybike Göcek. UID#5627.

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