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Pharmacopée de Madagascar
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Authors: R. Pernet and G. Meyer.
Language: French
No. of Pages: 86
Dimensions: 143mm x 229mm x 5mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 949
Shelving Location: Natural History: Flora
Estimated Value: £15.00
Purchase Date: 30 November 2006
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Pharmacopée de Madagascar

[Pharmacopeia of Madagascar]
L'Institut de Recherche Scientifique Tananarive-Tsimbazaza (1957).
Softcover Book

An encyclopedia of Malagasy plants and their medicinal uses. Arranged by type of illness, plants are listed in table format, giving each plant's scientific name, the specific illness that it is used to treat, the parts of the plant used, and bibliographic references.


  • Introduction [Introduction]
  • Pharmacopée [Pharmacopeia]
    • 1. Maladies de l'appareil respiratoire [Illnesses of the Respiratory System]
    • 2. Affections du cœur [Heart Conditions]
    • 3. Maladies de l'appareil nerveux [Illnesses of the Nervous System]
    • 4. Maladies de l'appareil digestif [Illnesses of the Digestive System]
    • 5. Parasitoses intestinales [Intestinal Parasites]
    • 6. Maladies du foie [Liver Diseases]
    • 7. Maladies de l'appareil urinaire [Illnesses of the Urinary Tract]
    • 8. Maladies de l'appareil génital [Genital Diseases]
    • 9. Maladies cutanées et lèpre [Skin Diseases and Leprosy]
    • 10. Maladies vénériennes [Venereal Diseases]
    • 11. Maladies ostéoarticulaires [Osteoarticular Illnesses]
    • 12. Paludisme et splénomégalie [Malaria and Splenomegaly]
    • 13. Maladies métaboliques [Metabolic Illnesses]
    • 14. Traumatismes [Trauma]
    • 15. Maladies de la bouche [Mouth Infections]
    • 16. Maladies des yeux [Eye Infections]
    • 17. Maladies des oreilles [Ear Infections]
    • 18. Maladies à virus [Viral Diseases]
    • 19. Tumeurs [Tumours]
    • 20. Fortifiants [Restoratives]
    • 21. Toxiques [Poison]
  • Bibliographie [Bibliography]
  • Index Des Maladies [Index of Illnesses]
  • Index Botanique [Botanical Index]

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