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Les Animaux Protégés de Madagascar
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Author: Renaud Paulian.
Language: French
No. of Pages: 60 + 5 b&w plates
Dimensions: 143mm x 228mm x 4mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 946
Shelving Location: Natural History: Fauna
Estimated Value: £15.00
Purchase Date: 30 November 2006
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Les Animaux Protégés de Madagascar

[Protected Animals of Madagascar]
L'Institut de Recherche Scientifique Tananarive-Tsimbazaza (1955).
Softcover Book

The book covers the animals of Madagascar that are protected under Malagasy law (at the time of publication in the 1950s). The first half of the book describes the species and how they are protected. The remaining part gives the text of legal decrees passed between 1923 and 1950 for the protection of Malagasy animals.


  • Introduction [Introduction]
  • Lémuriens [Lemurs]
    • Lemur [Lemur, Varecia, Eulemur]
    • Indris [Indri]
    • Avahis [Avahi]
    • Propithecus [Propithecus]
    • Cheirogaleus [Cheirogaleus]
    • Phaner [Phaner]
    • Microcebus [Microcebus]
    • Hapalemur [Hapalemur, Prolemur]
    • Lepilemur [Lepilemur]
    • Daubentonia [Daubentonia]
  • Siréniens [Sirenia]
    • Le Dugong [The Dugong]
  • Les Mammifères Marrons [The Brown Mammals]
    • Le Bœuf sauvage [Wild cattle]
    • L'Ane sauvage [Wild donkeys]
  • Les Mammifères Acclimatés [Adapted Mammals]
  • Oiseaux [Birds]
  • Chéloniens ou Tortues [Chelonians or Turtles]
  • Ophidiens ou Serpents [Ophidians or Snakes]
  • Mollusques et Crustacés [Molluscs and Crustaceans]
  • Réserves [Reserves]
    • Réserves Naturelles [Natural Reserves]
    • Réserves Zoologiques [Zoological Reserves]
    • Sites et Monuments naturels [Natural Sites and Monuments]
  • Organisation Internationale, Nationale et Locale de la Protection de la Nature [International, National, and Local Systems for the Protection of Nature]
    • Organisation internationale [International Systems]
    • Organisation nationale [National Systems]
    • Organisation locale [Local Systems]
  • Arrêtés et Décrets (1923-1950) [Decrees (1923-1950)]
  • Bibliographie Sommaire [Summary Bibliography]

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Very Good.

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