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Beyond Madagascar: Saga of a Missionary's Son
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Author: Conrad Stenseth Braaten.
ISBN-10: 1-84728-490-6 (1847284906)
ISBN-13: 978-1-84728-490-7 (9781847284907)
Language: English
No. of Pages: 329
Dimensions: 152mm x 229mm x 20mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 944
Shelving Location: Religion & Missionary
Estimated Value: £15.00
Purchase Date: 21 November 2006
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Beyond Madagascar

Saga of a Missionary's Son

First Edition
Lulu Press (2006).
Softcover Book

This is an autobiographical work by the son of a Norwegian missionary in Madagascar.

Text from the Back Cover

Beyond Madagascar is the true story of the remarkable life journey of a missionary's son born and raised in Madagascar in the late 1920's. His life is the stuff dreams are woven from: international travel, safaris with his father, jungle experiences, boarding school antics, island escapades, military service in the Counter Intelligence Corps and eventually Christian ministry and global mission outreach.

His story, filled with humor and compassion, colorful antics and deep pain, reminds us that God is always present, waiting, listening, ready to be a part of our life's journey.

About the Author from Page 329

Conrad Stenseth Braaten was born in Madagascar and lived there until he was nearly 15 years old. His life there was filled with amazing adventures, travel, escapades and wonderful people. Traveling alone to America, he eventually made his way through boarding school and college, always with a keen sense of adventure and a desire to live life to its fullest. At 19 he answered the call to serve his country during WWII. His service lasted for 10 years and included Military Intelligence and a post war position in Germany, as a Special Agent.

Resigning from the military, he answered another call: to serve God which he did for thirty years. His ministerial experiences included parish ministry; two fact finding international tours around the world in the late 50's; the development of World Brotherhood Exchange: an international outreach agency for mission matching up professionals with specific needs in developing countries and two 'Seminar on Sea' cruise tours, which brought pastors and other professionals together with lecturers for a time of rest and renewal and continuing education, while pursuing efforts at outreach and ministry in developing countries. He served nearly 12 years on the National Board for Global Missions and was a representative to the Lutheran World Federation held in Helsinki, Finland.

Eventually, he served a church in Scottsdale, Arizona for twenty-two years, where his spiritual journey and that of the congregation's became an odyssey of enlightenment and wonder as God led them into new relationships and revelations of His presence in their lives and His call of love, service and fellowship. He, and his wife, Pearl, live in Sun City, Arizona where he is presently working on a book about his WWII experiences.


  • Part One
    • 1. The Early Years
    • 2. Leaving Manantenina Mission Station
    • 3. Missionary Life and Service
    • 4. The Missionary Children Home and School
    • 5. Island Adventures
    • 6. Memorable Tournes with my Father
    • 7. Brief Religious History of Madagascar
    • 8. Furlough Experience: Middle East and USA
    • 9. Stationed in the Ambovombe District
    • 10. Family Moves Again to Fort Dauphin
    • 11. Lonesome Departure
    • 12. Yankee in Paris
    • 13. Arrival in the USA
    • 14. Augustana Academy
    • 15. A Business Venture: Hitting the Pavement
    • 16. Westward Ho! The University of Arizona
    • 17. Following WWII
    • 18. The Road to Matrimony
    • 19. A Fulfilling Married Life
    • 20. Regular Army Appointment: A Career Begins
    • 21. Divine Intervention
    • 22. Excursions in Europe
    • 23. God's Relentless Touch
    • 24. Resigning my RA Commission at the Pentagon
    • 25. Theological Seminary
    • 26. Longmont, Colorado
    • 27. Santa Barbara, California
    • 28. Forming and Structuring of WBE
    • 29. Trail of Tears to Potlatch
    • 30. Pearl Shares Her Death Experience
    • 31. The Infancy of a Nation Parallels the Infancy of WBE
    • 32. God's Active Presence in Madagascar in 2001
  • Epilogue: From "Yogurt King to President, Without Fear"
  • Part Two: Into the Desert and Into the Light
    • 1. A Call to a Church in Scottsdale
    • 2. Ascension Congregation
    • 3. Search for Pastoral Fellowship
    • 4. Taking time for Renewal
    • 5. Can a Person Obtain Divine Love?
    • 6. The Church, the Body of Christ
    • 7. Elders Trained and Installed
    • 8. Exorcism of a Building
    • 9. Leadership Depends on Headship
    • 10. Mission Trip to Asia
    • 11. Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Trinity
    • 12. God's Healing Touch
    • 13. Please Call on My Dying Friend
    • 14. The Mystery of the Cross
  • Addendum

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This item was kindly donated to the Madagascar Library collection by Ivanna Volochiy.
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