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The Wilds of Madagascar
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Writer/Performer: Nancy LeBrun.
Directors/Producers: Michael Rosenburg and Philip Chapman.
Photographers: Jim Clare and Colin Clarke.
Additional Contributors/Actors: Stan Watts and Frans Lanting.
ISBN-10: 0-8001-2657-2 (0800126572)
ISBN-13: 978-0-8001-2657-5 (9780800126575)
Language: English
Dimensions: 106mm x 190mm x 26mm
Running Time: 60 minutes

Item Identification Code (UID#): 940
Shelving Location: Multimedia
Estimated Value: £4.00
Purchase Date: 21 October 2006
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The Wilds of Madagascar

(National Geographic Video)
National Geographic Society / Partridge Films (1993). (First Published 1988)
VHS Videocasette

This National Geographic Society video presents the wildlife of Ankarana in northern Madagascar.

Text from the Front of the Box

Explore the exotic wildlife of this beautiful, forbidding island.

Text from the Back of the Box

Just off the East coast of Africa, Madagascar is an island unique in all the world. Separated from the mainland 165 million years ago, Madagascar's flora and fauna have evolved in near isolation. Join a team of naturalists as they trek to the island's remote Ankarana plateau to study the exotic animals of this forbidding wildlife oasis. By way of enormous underground passages, you'll hike to a sunken forest, sighting rare creatures such as the crowned lemur, the leaf-tailed gecko, and the souimanga sunbird in THE WILDS OF MADAGASCAR.

The National Geographic Society was founded in 1888 to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge. It has been dedicated to the exploration of earth, sea, and sky for more than a century. The Society fulfills its mission through vivid eyewitness journalism, award-winning photography and cinematography, and support for scientific research around the world. This landmark home video collection is part of the National Geographic Society's continuing effort to use the latest technology in support of this educational mission.

A Partridge Films Production for the National Geographic Society. Executive Producer Michael Rosenburg. Produced by Philip Chapman. Written by Nancy LeBrun. Wildlife Photography by Jim Clare. Expedition Photography by Colin Clarke. Edited by Trevor Williamson. Music Composed by Jennie Muskett. Narrated by Stan Watts. Cover Photographs by © Frans Lanting.

Condition of Item

Very Good. Front of box somewhat faded.

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