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Vanished Continent: An Expedition to the Comoro Islands
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Author: Franci Prosperi.
Additional Contributor: David Moore.
Language: English
No. of Pages: 232 + 32 b&w plates
Dimensions: 146mm x 219mm x 30mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 921
Shelving Location: Travel
Estimated Value: £18.00
Purchase Date: 18 August 2006
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Vanished Continent

An Expedition to the Comoro Islands

Hutchinson / The Adventurers Club (1959). (First Published 1957)
Hardcover Book with Dust Jacket

The story of an Italian expedition to the Comoros and surrounding region translated by David Moore. This account of the eight-month journey was written by one member of the four-strong party, a naturalist named Franco Prosperi. They visited parts of Madagascar as well as Kenya, Zanzibar, the Comoro Islands, and Aldabra. The purpose of the trip is zoological, primarily to explore the idea that Madagascar was once connected both to the African and Asian mainlands.

Text from the Front Flap

The author or this book is a young Italian naturalist who, with three companions, set out on a fascinating mission to Madagascar, Zanzibar, and the other islands off the East coast of Africa – islands which, according to theory, were once joined to both Africa and Asia. The object of the trip was to study the animal-life and other natural features in the light of this theory, and the book contains a wealth of interesting and unusual details about these. But, above all, it is an account of their adventures which, though approached light-heartedly, were often dangerous. The author describes his own terrifying experience when, off Zanzibar, he was carried away by the tide, and all but failed in his attempt to gain the shore; he writes of the hazards of the voyage through the Comoros, of the horrifying experience of watching a giant turtle torn to pieces by a pack of killer whales, and of how, on one occasion, he and a colleague found themselves trapped in the middle of a 'fleet' of poisonous jelly-fish. He describes too the unusual sight, he was privileged to see, among them a living coelacanth and a mating between sharks, which is believed never to have been seen before. His book, with its wealth of interesting material, is written in a lively, humorous style which the reader will find wholly engaging.


  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Chapter I Dar-es-Salaam
  • Chapter II The Phantom of the Waters
  • Chapter III The Fish that Drowns
  • Chapter IV White and Black Ants
  • Chapter V Honeymoon Island
  • Chapter VI A Fishing Lesson
  • Chapter VII The Lemurs of Zanzibar
  • Chapter VIII A Dramatic Adventure
  • Chapter IX The Outboard Motor
  • Chapter X The War of the Crabs
  • Chapter XI Towards the Island of the Moon
  • Chapter XII Grand Hotel at Moroni
  • Chapter XIII The Fauna of the Comoros
  • Chapter XIV The Sirens
  • Chapter XV Great Comoro
  • Chapter XVI On the Slopes of the Volcano
  • Chapter XVII Kartola
  • Chapter XVIII Taibu and Solima
  • Chapter XIX Sharks in Love
  • Chapter XX An Adventure with a Coelacanth
  • Chapter XXI Islands Sprung from the Sea
  • Chapter XXII The Orcs
  • Chapter XXIII Aldabra
  • Chapter XXIV Giant Tortoises
  • Chapter XXV The Lethal Navy
  • Chapter XXVI A Backward Glance
  • Chapter XXVII Kilimanjaro
  • Appendix
  • Index


  • Printed by The Anchor Press, Tiptree, Great Britain.
  • On the dust jacket the subtitle is given as "An Expedition to the Comoro Islands" while the title page gives "An Italian Expedition to the Comoro Islands".

Condition of Item

Very Good. Dust jacket with several chips and tears. Price clipped.

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