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Author: M. L. Lamy.
Illustrator: Pierre Portelette.
Language: French
No. of Pages: 20
Dimensions: 322mm x 230mm x 3mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 735
Shelving Location: Magazines: Large Format
Estimated Value: £30.00
Purchase Date: 16 September 2006
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Librairie Delagrave (c.1940).
Softcover Book

A beautiful children's book illustrating daily life in Madagascar through 20 typical Malagasy scenes. Each full-page colour illustration by Pierre Portelette is set in context by a few paragraphs written by M. L. Lamy.


  • Le Village [The Village]
  • Les Escaliers [The Steps]
  • Les Pousse-Pousse [The Pousse-Pousses]
  • L'Arrivée [Arrival]
  • Les Sentiers [The Paths]
  • La Rue {The Street]
  • L'École [School]
  • La Pêche [Fishing]
  • Le Marchée [The Market]
  • La Fontaine [The Spring]
  • La Chasse [The Hunt]
  • La Forêt [The Forest]
  • Les Rizières [The Paddy Fields]
  • L'Alerte [Alarm]
  • La Danse [Dance]
  • Le Cinéma [Cinema]
  • Les Tombeaux [Tombs]
  • Le Mariage [Weddings]
  • Le Palais de la Reine [The Queen's Palace]
  • Galliéni [Gallieni]


  • Undated.
  • Unpaginated.

Condition of Item

Good. Lower corner nibbled (mouse damage?) particularly on front cover. Several minor marks to front cover. Small tear in back cover. Cover signed by the author and dated 14 July '65.

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Front Cover: Madagascar Back Cover: Madagascar Page 8 (Fishing): Madagascar Page 9 (The Market): Madagascar Page 12 (The Forest): Madagascar
Front Cover Back Cover Page 8 (Fishing) Page 9 (The Market) Page 12 (The Forest)
Page 17 (Tombs): Madagascar        
Page 17 (Tombs)        
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