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Front Cover
Papillons Communs de Madagascar
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Author: Renaud Paulian.
Illustrator: Andre Stéfan.
Language: French
No. of Pages: 91
Dimensions: 143mm x 228mm x 6mm
Legal Deposit: 2e trimestre 1951

Item Identification Code (UID#): 676
Shelving Location: Natural History: Fauna
Estimated Value: £16.00
Purchase Date: 30 July 2006
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Papillons Communs de Madagascar

[Common Butterflies/Moths of Madagascar]
L'Institut de Recherche Scientifique Tananarive-Tsimbazaza (1951).
Softcover Book

A mid-twentieth century guide to the butterflies and moths of Madagascar. Published by the zoo in Antananarivo it covers approximately 50 species and groups and is illustrated with 37 plates of which six are in colour.


  • Préface [Preface]
  • Introduction [Introduction]
  • Classification [Taxonomy]
  • Les Papilionides [The Papilionidae]
  • Les Piéridides [The Pieridae]
  • Les Danaidides [The Danaidae]
  • Les Acréides [The Acreidae]
  • Les Nymphalides [The Nymphalidae]
  • Les Satyrides [The Satyridae]
  • Les Lycénides [The Lycaenidae]
  • Les Hespériides [The Hesperiidae]
  • Les Sphingides [The Sphingidae]
  • Les Uraniides [The Uranidae]
  • Les Syntomides [The Syntomidae]
  • Les Arctiides [The Arctiidae]
  • Les Aganaïdes [The Aganaidae]
  • Les Lithosiides [The Lithosiidae]
  • Les Liparides [The Liparidae / Lymantriidae]
  • Les Psychides [The Psychidae]
  • Les Limacodides [The Limacodidae]
  • Les Saturnides [The Saturnidae]
  • Les Bombycides [The Bombycidae]
  • Les Noctuides [The Noctuidae]
  • Les Pyralidides [The Pyralididae]
  • Renseignements divers [Miscellaneous information]
  • Table des Matières [Table of Contents]


  • The preface is dated "Tsimbazaza, le 9 mars 1949".

Condition of Item

Good. A small purple liquid stain on the front cover permeates the first 15 pages or so. Pages untrimmed.

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