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Money for Madagascar Letter: October 1989
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Author: Barbara Prys Williams.
Language: English
No. of Pages: 1
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm x 1mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 629
Shelving Location: Promotional Material: Charities & NGOs
Estimated Value: £1.00
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Money for Madagascar Letter

October 1989

Money for Madagascar (1989).

A letter from the charitable concern "Money for Madagascar" – a campaign by the Swansea Preparative Meeting of the Society of Friends – to its members. The letter describes briefly the charity's projects in Madagascar and thanks members for their support. It is signed by Barbara Prys Williams, Cmpaign Co-ordinator.

Text of the Letter

October, 1989.

Dear Friends,

Swansea Meeting's continuing campaign for Madagascar has been enthusiastically taken up by Friends and Meetings all over Britain and by the general public in Wales. This generous support has allowed us to undertake to provide a steady supply of funds to our partners in Madagascar. Our three-year project at Betampona (which is the exact location of what we called 'near Andasibe' on the enclosed leaflet) will be providing support and encouragement to some thirteen villages, allowing them a chance to establish programmes for better health, more food and fair trading. Better living standards for the villagers goes hand in hand with protecting irreplacable [sic] biological resources of the Betampona forest.

The steady support we have been given has allowed us to attract generous matching funding from Comic Relief. We are now asking your meeting whether you will help us keep up the momentum and achieve our target. We would hope to keep you informed through our annual report of the progress of 'our' villages.

With all good wishes,
Barbara Prys Williams
Campaign co-ordinator

Money for Madagascar is a concern of the Swansea Preparative Meeting of the Society of Friends and thus has charitable status


  • Patrons of "Money for Madagascar" are listed as Donald Anderson MP, Sir Mervyn Brown, Lee Durrell, Gerald Durrell, Sheila Lochhead, and Andrew Lochhead.

Condition of Item

Good. The letter has been folded lengthways, perhaps in order to fit it into an envelope.

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