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Air Madagascar: A Single Airline for Discovering Madagascar
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Language: English
No. of Pages: 16
Dimensions: 100mm x 201mm x 1mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 622
Shelving Location: Promotional Material: Tourism
Estimated Value: £2.50
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Air Madagascar

A Single Airline for Discovering Madagascar

Air Madagascar (c.2004).
Promotional Leaflet

An Air Madagascar leaflet promoting the country as a tourist destination. The leaflet includes 29 colour photographs and a map showing the airline's flight network. It opens out into a poster measuring 399mm x 402mm.

Text from Page 4

The home of the famous Malagasy smile has often been the subject of paintings and songs, but the enchanting island of Madagascar remains largely unknown. Do not try to categorise the people of Madagascar, their unique spirit resembles Mexicans, Asians, Polynesians and Africans simultaneously whilst remaining, quite simply, Malagasy. The landscape is richly diverse and yet constantly present within the small island. Consider Madagascar a continent of contrasts. There is an amazing feeling of patriotism and belonging amongst the Malagasy people, they share a passionate love for their land, the land-of-the-ancestors with an eternal beauty.

Sleepy roads and ancient staircases open onto crowded streets where the youngsters weave their motorbikes amongst the flowing ears. Beautiful traditional houses contrast pleasantly with modern concrete buildings of fashionable shops, displaying goods in a myriad of colours. Uniting past with future, this is Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, a uniquely picturesque town.

Moving away from civilisation is Nosy-Bé, a timeless island draped with rich greenery and surrounded with idyllic beaches and coral reefs. Described as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Nosy-Bé is surrounded by a collection of mini islands, with names seemingly stolen from fairytales: Tanikely, Komba, Ranja and Mitsio.

Moving south, immense majestic beaches appear semi-deserted but at the same time are alive with wildlife, providing a million and one discoveries of nature. Unusual impressions have been formed by time, resembling undescriptive sculptures and strange silhouettes. The Eastern coast, well known for its warm hospitality, is characterised by its village houses made from falafa between the palm trees, and the air scented with perfumes of vanilla, clove or cinnamon. The scene is tranquil, interrupted only by the occasional lone boatman rowing peacefully along the coast, or women carrying out their daily washing at the water's edge.

Madagascar, a summary of the world? Maybe. A country which has conquered the heart of everyone who knows it. The great happily welcoming island has to be seen to be believed and is awaiting you for your next trip.

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