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Front Cover
BBC Wildlife: September 1995, Volume 13, Number 9
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Editors: Rosamund Kidman Cox, Dick Ellingham, Rachel Ashton, Tasmin Constable, and Wendy Smith.
Additional Contributors: Jane Wilson-Howarth, Nick Garbutt, Frans Lanting, and David Haring.
Print ISSN: 0265-3656
Language: English
No. of Pages: 91
Dimensions: 225mm x 300mm x 4mm
Publication Frequency: Monthly

Item Identification Code (UID#): 617
Shelving Location: Periodicals: Natural History: BBC Wildlife Magazine
Estimated Value: £3.00
Purchase Date: 2 August 2006
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BBC Wildlife

September 1995, Volume 13, Number 9

BBC Magazines (1995).
Stapled Magazine

This cover feature of issue of "BBC Wildlife" is a five-page article on Crowned Lemurs (Eulemur coronatus) in Ankarana by Jane Wilson-Howarth. The article (pp. 18-22) is accompanied by five colour photographs by Frans Lanting, Nick Garbutt, and the author.

The article is followed by a page entitled "Indian Ocean Odyssey: Join Tony Soper on an Expedition Cruise to Madagascar and Beyond: 25 March to 14 April 1996". A full itinerary is given of this 21-day expedition with Noble Caledonia Limited.

Article Summary from Page 18

Jane Wilson-Howarth entered a lost world on the magical island of Madagascar to make the acquaintance of its ruling spirit – the crowned lemur.

About the Cover Photograph, from Page 5

Crowned heads. A member of a very select group of primates, the crowned lemur of Madagascar is a roving fruit- and flower-eater in the island's northern forests. Page 18. Photograph by David Haring.

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Very Good.

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