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BBC Wildlife: September 1987, Volume 5, Number 9
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Editors: Rosamund Kidman Cox, Wendy Smith, and Helen Odams.
Additional Contributors: Sheila O'Connor, Mark Pidgeon, and Mike Salisbury.
Print ISSN: 0265-3656
Language: English
No. of Pages: 53
Dimensions: 211mm x 275mm x 2mm
Publication Frequency: Monthly

Item Identification Code (UID#): 611
Shelving Location: Periodicals: Natural History: BBC Wildlife Magazine
Estimated Value: £3.00
Purchase Date: 2 August 2006
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BBC Wildlife

September 1987, Volume 5, Number 9

BBC Enterprises / Wildlife Publications (1987).
Stapled Magazine

The cover feature of this issue of "BBC Wildlife" is an article about the sifakas of Madagascar written by Sheila O'Connor. This six-page article (pp. 458-464) is entitled "Prosimians of the Sun" and includes 11 photographs, 10 of which are in colour. It was published to coincide with the transmission of "The Natural World: Spirits of the Forest" on BBC2 on 20 September 1987 at 8:35pm and an article about lemurs in that week's "Radio Times" magazine (cover story: "Life with the Lemurs" by Gareth Huw Davies).

Article Summary from Page 458

There are the sifakas, Madagascar's white lemurs, which because of their languorous morning basking ritual, are thought by the local people to be sun-worshippers. They are also the source of a cry that, to English ears, sounds like someone who has just hit their thumb with a hammer. But to good sifaka Kramer and his family, it only means, 'Here comes a ground predator.' Sheila O'Connor describes. Mark Pidgeon photographs.

About the Cover Photograph, from Page 465

COVER: Verreaux's sifaka Propithecus verreauxi verreauxi, Madagascar's white lemur and one which is still hanging on in the south of the country, despite the ever-increasing loss of its riverine forest habitat. While it's still there, scientists are finding out what they can. See 'Prosimians of the sun,' page 458. Photograph by Mark Pigeon.

Text from the Front Cover

The oath of the White Lemur

About the Author (from Page 464)

Sheila O'Connor, an American, developed her interest in lemurs when she was working at the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, first as a student and then as a zookeeper. After finishing (in 1980) a degree course at the University of Vermont, USA, she went to Madagascar to help recensus ring-tailed lemurs and Verreaux's sifakas at Berenty reserve – later to become her principal study site. While organizing a long-term field project in Madagascar, which took two years, she completed a master's degree in applied biology at Cambridge, on rhinoceros behaviour in captivity. Sheila O'Connor is now in the final throes of her PhD at Cambridge, after which she and her husband, Mark Pidgeon, plan to continue their work in Madagascar for at least two more years.

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