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Réserve Spéciale Nosy Mangabe
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Author: Michel B. Solofonirina.
Language: French
No. of Pages: 6
Dimensions: 100mm x 210mm x 1mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 586
Shelving Location: Promotional Material: Parks & Reserves
Estimated Value: £1.00
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Réserve Spéciale Nosy Mangabe

[Nosy Mangabe Special Reserve]
ANGAP (c.2003).
Promotional Leaflet

A promotional leaflet about the island reserve of Nosy Mangabe situated in the Bay of Antongil, Madagascar. This USAID-funded leaflet from ANGAP (Madagascar's National Parks Association) outlines practical information for visitors. Includes a map of the island.


  • Que peut-on y voir? [What can you see there?]
  • Et les Aye ayes? [And the Aye-ayes?]
  • Transport [Transport]
  • Droit d'entrée et droit de camping ANGAP [ANGAP permits for entry and camping]
  • Pour dormir et manger [Sleeping and eating]
  • Légende de la carte [Key to map]
  • Carte: Presqu'île Maosala [Map: Masoala Peninsula]
  • Carte: Nosy Mangabe [Map: Nosy Mangabe]
  • Les pistes dans le parc [Paths in the park]
  • Les guides [Guides]
  • Vueillez respecter le Code de Conduite [Please respect the Code of Conduct]
  • Conseils pratiques [Practical advice]
  • Contacts [Contact]

Condition of Item

Very Good.

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