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Mes Chansons de Toujours
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Author: Flavien Ranaivo.
Foreword by: Léopold Sedar Senghor.
Language: French
No. of Pages: 30
Dimensions: 144mm x 230mm x 5mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 565
Shelving Location: Fiction & Folklore
Estimated Value: £15.00
Purchase Date: 18 July 2006
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Mes Chansons de Toujours

[My Neverending Songs]
Flavien Ranaivo (c.1955).
Softcover Book

Text from the Wrap-Around Band

Poèmes: Grand Prix Littéraire de Madagascar 1955.

Text from the Wrap-Around Band (English Translation)

Poems: The Great Madagascar Prize for Literature, 1955.


  • Préface [Preface]
  • I. Chansons sur mon Pays [I. Songs about my Country]
  • Séparation [Separation]
  • Entretien Familier [Intimate Care]
  • Epithalame [Epithalamium]
  • Rencontre [Meeting]
  • Chant pour deux Valiha [Song for two Valihas]
  • Embruns [Spindrift]
  • II. Monodies [II. Monodies]
  • Regrets [Regrets]
  • Printemps [Springtime]
  • Nostalgie [Nostalgia]
  • Visions Sidérales [Stellar Visions]
  • Adieu [Farewell]


  • Limited edition number 33 of 500.
  • Signed by the author thus: "À Madame Louise Delval, fahatsiarovana ny hiran-drazana, Paris, le 24 novembre 1955, Flavien Ranaivo" [To Madame Louise Delval, Remember the traditional songs, Paris, 24 November 1955, Flavien Ranaivo].

Condition of Item

Very Good. Pages are uncut and, in most cases, unopened.

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Front Cover: Mes Chansons de Toujours Half Title: Mes Chansons de Toujours Limited Edition Number: Mes Chansons de Toujours Wrap-Around Band: Mes Chansons de Toujours  
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