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Dancing with Corpses Reconsidered: An Interpretation of Famadihana (in Arivonimamo, Madagascar)
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Author: David Graeber.
Print ISSN: 0094-0496
Language: English
No. of Pages: 21
Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm x 3mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 553
Shelving Location: Papers & Articles: Anthropology: Culture & Society
Estimated Value: £1.00
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Dancing with Corpses Reconsidered

An Interpretation of Famadihana (in Arivonimamo, Madagascar)

American Ethnologist, 22(2): pp. 258-278.
American Anthropological Association (1995).
Stapled Printout


The ritual of exhumation and rewrapping of ancestral bodies practiced in Imerina, Madagascar, is the culmination of a pervasive relation of memory and violence – a relationship that can only be fully understood by contrasting the attitudes toward ancestors held by ambitious or powerful men in rural society, and those attitudes held by most women. Doing so reveals the parameters of a complex and ambivalent attitude toward authority.


kinship, authority, gender, mortuary ritual, Madagascar


  • The author is from the University of Chicago.
  • Article submitted: 10 March 1993
  • Revised version submitted: 22 October 1993
  • Article accepted: 17 February 1994

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