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Front Cover
Filanjana: Nouvelles
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Author: Roger Pascal.
Foreword by: Jacques Rabemananjara.
ISBN-10: 2-7087-0527-X (270870527X)
ISBN-13: 978-2-7087-0527-2 (9782708705272)
Language: French
No. of Pages: 154
Dimensions: 141mm x 190mm x 14mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 549
Shelving Location: Fiction & Folklore
Estimated Value: £10.00
Purchase Date: 18 July 2006
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[Sedan Chair: Short Stories]
Éditions Présence Africaine (1989).
Softcover Book


  • Préface [Preface]
  • Anti-Français [Anti-French]
  • Jusqu'a Crever [About to Burst]
  • Une Natte Odorante [Scented Weaving]
  • Prends ta Hache ! [Take Your Axe!]
  • Des Hommes Seulement [Only Men]
  • Dupond-Durand Décivilisé [Decivilised Dupond-Durand]
  • Mondanités [Society Life]
  • Peaux Roses et Ventres Mous [Pink Skins and Soft Bellies]
  • Justice [Justice]
  • Dossier du Personnel [Personnel File]
  • Rakotofotsy est Pauvre [Rakotofotsy is Poor]
  • Mamboulé [Mamboule]
  • Rien n'est Important [Nothing is Important]
  • 2 + 2 # 4 [2 + 2 # 4]
  • Alcool [Alcohol]
  • Ray Aman-Dreny [Mother and Father]
  • Administration de Brousse [Administration of the Bush]
  • Le Marécageux [The Marsh]
  • Education de Brousse [Bush Education]
  • Une Mort [A Dead Person]
  • Solitude [Loneliness]
  • Monsieur R. [Monsieur R.]
  • Tu ne Jugeras Pas [You Will Not Judge]
  • Après [After]
  • Glossaire [Glossary]
  • Table des Matières [Contents]


  • The ISBN is printed erroneously on the copyright page as "2-7087-527-X" from which a digit has been omitted. The correct ISBN is "2-7087-0527-X".

Condition of Item

Very Good. Small amount of writing, in ink, in the top corner of front cover.

Refer to the glossary for definitions of terms used to describe the condition of items.


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