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Documents Historiques de Madagascar: N. 6-8
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Languages: French and Malagasy
No. of Pages: 43
Dimensions: 213mm x 297mm x 3mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 529
Shelving Location: History
Estimated Value: £8.00
Purchase Date: 25 January 2006
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Documents Historiques de Madagascar

N. 6-8

(Documents Historiques de Madagascar)
Centre de Formation Pédagogique, Ambozontany (c.1970). (First Published 1882)
Stapled Booklet

Correspondence between the Malagasy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the French Consuls and government commissioners of the Republic from April to July 1882. Each letters is printed in Malagasy and French versions.

Condition of Item

Very Good. Cover somewhat dirty, particularly on the front.

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