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Malagasy Pragmatics: And Implications for Gricean and Post-Gricean Theories
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Author: Daniel Austin.
Language: English
No. of Pages: v + 59
Dimensions: 219mm x 298mm x 8mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 507
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Malagasy Pragmatics

And Implications for Gricean and Post-Gricean Theories

Unpublished, University of Cambridge Masters Thesis.
Unpublished (2004).
Comb Bound Booklet

Daniel Austin's thesis for his MPhil in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge.


It has been suggested (Ochs Keenan, 1976, 1977) that routine communicative underinformativeness in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, may be evidence against the universality of maxims in the Gricean pragmatic framework. This objection, and that data that have been offered in its support, are analysed here. It is argued that taking certain neglected culture-specific issues into consideration is sufficient to explain the data, without concluding that the Gricean theoretical approach is not applicable in Malagasy. Further empirical evidence, in the form of a questionnaire-based study to determine native Malagasy intuitions about the original data, is shown to support this claim. The implications for Relevance Theory as an extreme development of Grice's framework are also briefly considered.

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