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Hunting Pirate Heaven: In Search of the Lost Pirate Utopias of the Indian Ocean
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Author: Kevin Rushby.
ISBN-10: 1-84119-488-3 (1841194883)
ISBN-13: 978-1-84119-488-2 (9781841194882)
Language: English
No. of Pages: x + 294
Dimensions: 129mm x 198mm x 19mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 500
Shelving Location: Travel
Estimated Value: £6.00
Purchase Date: 14 August 2003
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Hunting Pirate Heaven

In Search of the Lost Pirate Utopias of the Indian Ocean

Constable & Robinson Ltd. / Robinson (2002). (First Published 2001)
Softcover Book

A book about piracy in the Indian Ocean. One of the five sections is about Madagascar.

Text from the Back Cover

A chance meeting on the muddy foreshore of the River Thames starts Kevin Rushby on a voyage in search of the lost pirate settlements that once existed on the islands and atolls of the Indian Ocean. Hitching rides on a motley assortment of freighters, dhows, yachts and fishing smacks, he sails up the African coast, then turns east to the islands of the Comoros and Madagascar.

His ultimate objective is to locate the descendants of the legendary sixteenth-century pirates who carved kingdoms for themselves in the remote jungles of north-east Madagascar.

Along the way, Rushby meets up with the crackpot dreamers, the tough settlers, the fighters and the failures who live on the coasts and islands now. It is a romantic story in the old-fashioned sense of the word, full of adventure and colourful incident: voyages to islands where forgotten Portuguese forts lie covered in jungle, places where some have tried to shoot their way to paradise, and where the ocean can destroy lives and dreams as quickly as men and women create them. This acclaimed book is travel writing at its entertaining and hair-raising best.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Maps
  • 1 Foreword: Cape Canaveral, AD 1601
  • Part One: Mozambique
  • 2 Captain Carvalho
  • 3 The Scarlet Sinners
  • 4 A Dance to the Music of Chains
  • Part Two: The Querrimbas
  • 5 A Hard Heaven
  • 6 Of Piss and Eggshells
  • 7 Shani's Dream
  • Part Three: Comoros
  • 8 Per's Dream
  • 9 Marooned
  • Part Four: Anjouan
  • 10 An Island at the Edge
  • 11 The Year Zero
  • Part Five: Madagascar
  • 12 To the Pirate Coast
  • 13 A Drink for the Dead
  • Index

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