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Return to Treasure Island and the Search for Captain Kidd
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Authors: Barry Clifford and Paul Perry.
ISBN-10: 0-06-018509-0 (0060185090)
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-018509-1 (9780060185091)
Language: English
No. of Pages: x + 278
Dimensions: 160mm x 235mm x 25mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 490
Shelving Location: History
Estimated Value: £8.00
Purchase Date: 4 February 2006
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Return to Treasure Island and the Search for Captain Kidd

First Edition
HarperCollins / William Morrow (2003).
Hardcover Book with Dust Jacket

Text from the Front and Back Flaps

Searching for the world's most famous pirate ship, an undersea explorer finds more than he bargained for.

When history's most famous pirate, Captain Kidd, was hanged in 1701, he left behind a trail of treasure and treachery that stretched halfway around the world. For undersea explorer Barry Clifford, the biggest prize of all would be to find the Adventure Galley, Kidd's legendary pirate ship. In the world of pirate archaeology, it was the Holy Grail.

With the help of the Discovery Channel, Clifford fields an expedition that includes some of America's top experts in shipwreck recovery. Their goal is to find, identify, and possibly excavate the remains of history's most famous pirate ship. The search takes them to the exotic nation of Madagascar and a tiny island off its rocky coast known to historians as the model for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. There, amid pirate graveyards, broken porcelain intended for a European royal family, and native rituals that include blood sacrifice, Clifford and his crew find far more than they bargained for. The island's murky harbor is filled with sunken pirate ships, making it difficult to single out the Adventure Galley, and the shores are teeming with people who want the expedition stopped. The team races to find the ship before dark forces expel it from the island – forces motivated by the same resentment and greed that caused Kidd's downfall.

Return to Treasure Island and the Search for Captain Kidd weaves together two exciting stories: the saga of Captain William Kidd, one of history's most baffling and mysterious figures, and Barry Clifford's obsessive quest to find perhaps the most notorious pirate ship of all time. The result is a tale of treasure and adventure that ends in death – both Kidd's and, three hundred years later, that of a rival archaeologist who attempts to stop Clifford's expedition.

About the Author (from the Back Flap)

Barry Clifford is an undersea explorer who discovered and excavated the Whydah, the first pirate shipwreck ever authenticated, off the coast of Cape Cod. He established the Expedition Whydah Sea Lab and Learning Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where he also owns and operates a pirate museum.

Paul Perry has cowritten three New York Time bestsellers and Expedition Whydah: The Story of the World's First Excavation of a Pirate Treasure Ship with Barry Clifford.


  • Part I: The First Expedition
  • 1. Being There
  • 2. Theft by Commission
  • 3. A Jumbled Graveyard
  • 4. Privateer, Inc.
  • 5. Treasures to Explore
  • 6. The Rogue's Rogue
  • 7. A Likely Suspect
  • 8. Murder and Piracy
  • 9. The First Bank of Kidd
  • 10. Now I Am One
  • 11. Zebu-Que
  • 12. Brethren of the Sea
  • Part II: The Second Expedition
  • 13. Return to Treasure Island
  • 14. "Wickedness So Great"
  • 15. The Tech Team
  • 16. England's Most Wanted
  • 17. The Tunnels of Pirate Island
  • 18. False Redemption
  • 19. Pirate Gold
  • 20. "Never a Greater Liar"
  • 21. The Fiery Dragon
  • 22. As Good as Hanged
  • Part III: The Third Expedition
  • 23. Friday the Thirteenth
  • 24. "Moved and Seduced"
  • 25. Battle of the Full Moon
  • 26. "Not Designedly Done"
  • 27. A Son of a Pirate
  • 28. The Greatest and Worst of All
  • 29. The Trick-or-Treat Show
  • 30. Twice to the Gallows
  • 31. "No One Should Die Alone"
  • 32. The Unrequited Legacy
  • 33. The Brotherhood of Pirates
  • Acknowledgements

Condition of Item

Very Good. Small ink mark on bottom edge.

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