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Cousins: Our Primate Relatives
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Writer/Performer: Charlotte Uhlenbroek.
Directors/Producers: Bernard Walton and Miles Barton.
Photographer: Anup Shah.
Additional Contributor/Actor: Guy Michelmore.
Language: English
Dimensions: 120mm x 203mm x 29mm
Running Time: 146 minutes

Item Identification Code (UID#): 466
Shelving Location: Multimedia
Estimated Value: £8.00
Purchase Date: 27 September 2004
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Our Primate Relatives

BBC / Discovery (2000).
VHS Videocasette

A series of three natural history documentaries about primates, the first of which focuses primarily on the lemurs of Madagascar and other prosimians.

Text from the Back of the Box

Cousins is the most complete natural history investigation into the world of primates, our closest living relations from their earliest beginnings to the great apes. By observing some of the world's most spectacular primates, we see the story of how they evolved into the most social and intelligent animals on earth, as well as discovering the roots of our own origins. Primate expert Charlotte Uhlenbroek is our adventurous guide and her closeness to the primates illuminates the series. We are often fascinated, sometimes repelled, by the idea of the similarities between ourselves and primates. But in the light of what we now know about the complexities of their minds and societies, what really sets us apart?


  • Program 1: First Primates
  • Program 2: The Monkeys
  • Program 3: The Apes


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