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The Fugitives Or The Tyrant Queen Of Madagascar
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Author: R. M. Ballantyne.
ISBN-10: 1-4191-6318-3 (1419163183)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4191-6318-0 (9781419163180)
Language: English
No. of Pages: 260
Dimensions: 191mm x 235mm x 15mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 452
Shelving Location: Fiction & Folklore
Estimated Value: £17.00
Purchase Date: 27 June 2006
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The Fugitives Or The Tyrant Queen Of Madagascar

Kessinger Publishing (2004). (First Published 1887)
Softcover Book

A novel in which a group of people from a British ship have go ashore to stretch their legs, but when enemies approach, the ship's boat retreats to the ship and they are left stranded ashore. The book follows their efforts to find what they hope will be civilisation in the capital of the Island of Madagascar. Unfortunately the reigning Queen has a hatred of Christianity, which had been brought to the Island by missionaries some forty years before. The novel is based on the facts of the repression of Christianity in Madagascar. The Queen died in 1867, and was succeeded by her son, who takes an altogether different approach, at which point the stranded Brits take ship for England, and the story ends.


  • Chapter One: Introduces the Chief Actors and a Few Mysteries.
  • Chapter Two: Harks back a little.
  • Chapter Three: Describes the Deed of an Amateur Matador and the Work of a Rough-and-Ready Shoemaker.
  • Chapter Four: The Doctor finds Unexpected Work in the Wilderness, and a Mysterious Stranger is Introduced.
  • Chapter Five: The Outlaw’s Friends. Threatened Danger curiously Averted.
  • Chapter Six: The Guide becomes Communicative, and tells of Terrible Doings.
  • Chapter Seven: Describes a Meek Mother and Crocodile-Son. Journey Resumed and Strange Treatment of the King of the Waters.
  • Chapter Eight: A Friend appears unexpectedly, and our Travellers spend a Disturbed Night.
  • Chapter Nine: A Jovial Chief, and New Experiences of Various Kinds.
  • Chapter Ten: Tells of a Grand Hunt and Other Things.
  • Chapter Eleven: An Uninvited Guest appears with News that demands Instant Action.
  • Chapter Twelve: A Narrow Escape and Threatening Clouds.
  • Chapter Thirteen: Arrival at the Capital – Queen Ranavalona’s Troubles and Perplexities.
  • Chapter Fourteen: The Prime Minister lays Deep Plans – So does his Nephew – The Great Market-Place – A Friend in Deadly Peril, and our Three Heroes come to Grief.
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Spies and the Secret Meeting – The Prime Minister foiled by the Prince.
  • Chapter Sixteen: In Prison – Effects of a First Sight of Torture.
  • Chapter Seventeen: Mamba is Succoured by one of the “Ancient Soot,” and fulfils his Mysterious Mission.
  • Chapter Eighteen: Unexpected Deliverance and Several Surprises.
  • Chapter Nineteen: A Malagasy Garden Party – The Cloud grows Blacker.
  • Chapter Twenty: A Great Kabàry is held, followed by Dreadful Martyrdoms.
  • Chapter Twenty One: Mamba, Subjected to the Ordeal of the “Tangena,” escapes, but afterwards accuses himself and is Condemned.
  • Chapter Twenty Two: The Court Physician prescribes for the Queen – A Blow-up, and Mysterious Preparations for Tremendous Surprises.
  • Chapter Twenty Three: In which Mark carries out his Plans successfully, and powerfully astonishes himself as well as every one else.
  • Chapter Twenty Four: Flight and Pursuit of Ravonino and Rafaravavy.
  • Chapter Twenty Five: The Forest Refuge – Voalavo is War-like, Ravonino Peaceful, and False Friends Dangerous.
  • Chapter Twenty Six: Doctor Breezy prescribes for the Queen, and attains to Temporary and “Perfik F’licity”.
  • Chapter Twenty Seven: In which a Happy Change for the Better is Disastrously Interrupted.
  • Chapter Twenty Eight: In which Terrible but True Martyrdoms are Described.
  • Chapter Twenty Nine: Threatened Death Averted – Buried Alive – End of the Tyrant Queen – Revolt Crushed and Radama the Second Crowned.
  • Chapter Thirty: The Last.


  • The first edition was originally published by James Nisbet & Co.

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As New.

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