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Slug: Madagascar Elections / Title: Vohangy Candidates Madag.: Press releases, November 1992
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Language: English
No. of Pages: 2
Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm x 1mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 4377
Shelving Location: Miscellaneous Documents
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Slug: Madagascar Elections / Title: Vohangy Candidates Madag.

Press releases, November 1992

Unknown (1992).
Single-Sheet Printout

Text from the Front

Mon Nov 2 17:52 page 1
Title: Vohangy-Candidates-Madag.
Date & Time: Oct 30 14:02 Writer: phi1foc
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Scrpt: 1:33
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St: R*

++NB 11 RE4
ANTRMM 1600 011192

The high constitutional court has validated eight of the eleven candidates for the presidential election due to take place on November 25. However, the political situation remains confused in three malagasy provinces, Antsiranana in the north, Twamasina [sic] in the east and Toliary in the south where some supporters of regional rule have proclaimed states. Last Sunday clashes clashes [sic] between federalits [sic] and members of the Force Vive in Tuliara [sic] caused extensive damage. Some people were wounded, and many houses were burnt. About 1000 people are now under the protection of the security forces in the military camps of Tuliara [sic]. In Antananarivo, the capital, there are fuel shortages due to the blockade organized by the federalists in Twamasina [sic], President Didier Ratsiraka's native region which noramlly [sic] provides the capital with fuel. For two days now petrol has been rationed, and there are long queues of cars infront [sic] of petrol pumps. It is in this charged atmosphere that the high constitutional court has officially validated the eight presidential candidates. Among them are the president, Didier ratsiraka [sic], Albert Zafi the leader of the radical wing of the Force Vive, Manadafy Rakopinirin [sic], who leads the moderate wing of the force vive, the poet and writer Jaques [sic] Rabenananjara [sic] who is back in Madagascar after seventeen years abroad. Also approved are Evariste Marson, the minister of finance in the transitional government anf [sic] general secretary of the social democratic party the only woman candidate Russine [sic] Tsiranana, the former Malagasy president's daughter.

Text from the Back

Wed Nov 4 12:56 page 1
Slug: Madagascar-Elections=
Wire: MONr
Lines: 20
Date & Time: Tue Nov 3 16:37

++NB 11 RE4
ANTRMM 1600 011192

Madagascar: Presidential election campaign starts 4th November; Radio Madagascar, Antananarivo, in Malagasy 1600 GMT 01 (RPT 01) NOV 92
Excerpt the coming week will be an important week in the history of the country and will constitute one of the first pages in the history of the Third Republic. This is because election campaigns will start next Wednesday (ed: 4th November) for the post of President of the Third Republic (ed: elections on 25th November 1992). (Passage omotted: Hopef for peacefyl presidential election campaign).




This item was kindly donated to the Madagascar Library collection by Angela Newport.
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