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Front Cover
GEO: Un nouveau monde: la Terre: No. 216, Février 1997
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Editors: Jean-Luc Marty and Philippe Bordes.
Additional Contributors: Michael Stührenberg and Pascal Maitre.
Print ISSN: 0220-8245
Language: French
No. of Pages: 154
Dimensions: 213mm x 271mm x 7mm
Publication Frequency: Monthly

Item Identification Code (UID#): 384
Shelving Location: Periodicals: Geography: GEO; Geographical
Estimated Value: £5.00
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GEO: Un nouveau monde: la Terre

No. 216, Février 1997

[GEO: A new world: the Earth: No. 216, February 1997]
Prisma Presse (1997).
Softcover Journal

This issue of the French edition of GEO magazine includes an article about Madagascar. This 15-page feature is entitled "Madagascar: La Folle Traque du Dieu Taureau" ["Madagascar: The Madness of Tracking the Bull-God"] and follows a Sakalava search for the baria across the Bongolava Plateau. It is written by Michael Stührenberg and illustrated with 12 colour photographs by Pascal Maitre.

Article Summary from Page 25

Trois semaines d'expédition à travers brousse et montagne. Objectif: débusquer un baria. Pour les Malgaches sakalavas, ce taureau sauvage qui vit sur le plateau de Bongolava est l'incarnation d'une certaine perfection. Le chasser est presque une quête mystique. Une course épuisante, émaillée de rencontres inquiétantes... sous la conduite de Michel Tertipis, mi-Sakalava, mi-Blanc.

Article Summary from Page 25 (English Translation)

Three weeks of trekking through bush and over mountain. The objective: to flush out a baria. For the Sakalava Malagasy, this wild bull which lives on the Bongolava Plateau, is the incarnation of a certain perfection. The hunt is an almost mystical search. An exhausting race full of alarming encounters... under the guidance of Michel Tertipis, half-Sakalava, half-white.

About the Author & Photographer from Page 33

Pascal Maitre, photographe l'Afrique, le proche et le Moyen-Orient depuis plus de quinze ans.
Michael Stührenberg a déjà signé pour GEO de nombreux reportages au Soudan, au Nicaragua ou au Niger.

About the Author & Photographer from Page 33 (English Translation)

Pascal Maitre, photographer in Africa and the Near and Middle East for more than fifteen years.
Michael Stührenberg has already written many reports for GEO in Sudan, Nicaragua and Niger.

Article Summary from Page 5

Traque à Madagascar: Les reporters de GEO ont suivi dans la brousse une folle partie de chasse, celle du baria, un taureau sauvage et sacré.

Article Summary from Page 5 (English Translation)

Tracking In Madagascar: GEO reporters followed through the bush an insane shooting party in search of the baria, a sacred wild bull.

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Very Good.

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