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The Aye-Aye and I: A Rescue Mission in Madagascar
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Author: Gerald Durrell.
ISBN-10: 0-7551-1178-8 (0755111788)
ISBN-13: 978-0-7551-1178-7 (9780755111787)
Language: English
No. of Pages: viii + 220

Item Identification Code (UID#): 321
Shelving Location: Natural History: Fauna
Estimated Value: £5.00
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The Aye-Aye and I

A Rescue Mission in Madagascar

House of Stratus (2003).
Softcover Book

Text from the Back Cover

Victim of 'slash and burn' agriculture, the Aye-aye is threatened with extinction in its native Madagascar. Gerald Durrell and his wife, Lee, lead an expedition to the island to bring pairs of the endangered species into captivity and to start a breeding programme in their Jersey zoo.

The Aye-aye and I is the tale of their hunt for the creature with the magical finger, but it is also the search for Giant jumping rats, Flat-tailed tortoises and Gentle lemurs. From one of the most fascinating islands in the world, this is a compelling story of ecological destruction and the hope that conservation engenders.

About the Author (From the Back Cover)

Born in India, Gerald Durrell had a lifelong passion for animals of all kinds. He settled on Corfu with his family as a boy, and immediately became fascinated by the island's natural history. He spent much of his time studying the local wildlife and kept numerous, and often unusual, pets. Durrell went on to found the Jersey Zoo and the Jersey Wildlife Conservation Trust.


  • Foreword by Pam St Clement


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