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National Geographic Magazine: Vol. 218, No. 3, September 2010
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Editor: Chris Johns.
Additional Contributors: Robert Draper and Pascal Maitre.
Print ISSN: 0027-9358
Online ISSN: 1931-1524
Language: English

Item Identification Code (UID#): 2396
Shelving Location: Periodicals: Geography: National Geographic
Estimated Value: £6.00
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National Geographic Magazine

Vol. 218, No. 3, September 2010

National Geographic Society (2010).
Softcover Journal

This issue of National Geographic Magazine includes a 30-page article entitled "The Pierced Heart of Madagascar" in which Robert Draper writed about the increasing plunder of the country's natural resources (pp80-109). Illustrated with photographs by Pascal Maitre, some of which were taken from a helicopter.

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