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Madagascar: Volume 165
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Author: Hilary Bradt.
Additional Contributor: Mervyn Brown.
ISBN-10: 1-85109-179-3 (1851091793)
ISBN-13: 978-1-85109-179-9 (9781851091799)
Language: English
No. of Pages: 120

Item Identification Code (UID#): 2099
Shelving Location: General Works
Estimated Value: £22.00
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Volume 165

(World Bibliographical Series)
Clio Press (1993).
Hardcover Book

Text from the Back Cover

In terms of its natural history, Madagascar is like nowhere else on earth. Having existed in isolation from neighbouring Africa for some 160 million years, its flora and fauna have evolved independently. The first human settlers arrived from Indonesia about 2,000 years ago, bringing with them a culture centred on their veneration of ancestors. Subsequently, immigration from Africa brought new influences, creating a people with a unique culture. First united under one ruler in the early 19th century, Madagascar's kings and queens mostly encouraged links with Europe and it was the London Missionary Society which was largely responsible for the introduction of industry and the creation of a written language. Britain's influence waned towards the end of the century and the island became a French colony in 1896: independence was granted in 1960. The 1970s and 1980s were notable for the country's experiments with Christian Marxism, which was, however, dying a natural death when the 'people's revolution' of 1991 led to a democratic government being inaugurated in 1993. Entries in this annotated bibliography have been selected for the English-speaking reader with the knowledge that it is the island's natural history, anthropology, and history (particularly the activities of the London Missionary Society) which are of most interest to the tourist and academic alike. Notwithstanding this, a wide range of other subjects relating to this fascinating country are also covered, including a substantial number of specialist titles written in French.

About the Author from the Back Cover

Hilary Bradt is a travel writer, lecturer and tour leader with a particular interest in Madagascar. Her first visit to the island was in 1976, and she has returned many times escorting groups of tourists. Her Guide to Madagascar is updated annually for Bradt Publications which specializes in guide books to unusual parts of the world.


This item was kindly donated to the Madagascar Library collection by David Purbrick.
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