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Front Cover and Spine
Hainteny: The traditional poetry of Madagascar
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Author: Leonard Fox.
Foreword by: Césaire Rabenoro.
ISBN-10: 0-8387-5175-X (083875175X)
ISBN-13: 978-0-8387-5175-6 (9780838751756)
Language: English
No. of Pages: 464
Dimensions: 161mm x 243mm x 33mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 1879
Shelving Location: Language
Estimated Value: £35.00
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The traditional poetry of Madagascar

Associated University Presses / Bucknell University Press (1990).
Hardcover Book

Foreword from Page 9

The author of the present work is in love with the culture and people of Madagascar. We reciprocate that love, in accordance with our proverb, Fitia mifamaly mahatsara fihavanana: "Mutual love beautifies friendship." His interest was first awakened by fanorona, a traditional boardgame, to which he devoted a book and which he is endeavoring to make known and promote in his country. With the same goal in mind, he has turned his attention to traditional Malagasy literature.

In this way, Leonard Fox is extending his activities in a progressive manner and, quite naturally, from traditional literature he is proceeding to modern literature in both Malagasy and French. He has now translated the complete late work of our great poet, Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo, as well as a book by the talented young woman writer, Michele Rakotoson. Inasmuch as the Malagasy language is the foundation of both the oral and written forms of this literature, he is also undertaking a project involving the compilation of a manual of Malagasy, to include a complete grammar of the language, a chrestomathy, and glossaries.

Beyond hainteny, oral literature in general, and contemporary poetry, Leonard Fox wants to go still further in sounding the depths of the Malagasy soul and revealing the true worth of the traditions of Malagasy civilization, which, for him, represent eternal values in this world in spiritual crisis. He is now working on a study of traditional Malagasy philosophy and metaphysics.

The present book is therefore a link in the chain of works intended to convey to the English-speaking world, and particularly to the United States, the values of Malagasy philosophy, and to disclose the richness of our culture. In accomplishing this objective, Leonard Fox is demonstrating that Malagasy culture has its share to bring to the cultural treasure of humanity, and the author, by contributing to mutual knowledge and understanding among peoples through their cultures, is striving for concord and universal peace.

Dr. Césaire Rabenoro
Académie Malgache
Democratic Republic of Madagascar


  • Foreword by Dr. Césaire Rabenoro, President of the Académie Malgache
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes on Malagasy
  • Introduction
  • Texts and Translations:
    • The Course of Love
      • Desire, Hesitation, Declaration (nos. 1-40)
      • Consent and Union (nos. 41-63)
      • Refusal (nos. 64-87)
      • Rivals (nos. 88-119)
      • Separation and Abandonment (nos. 120-82)
      • Regrets, Reproaches, and Indifference (nos. 183-251)
    • The Course of Life
      • Good and Evil (nos. 252-68)
      • Wisdom and Foolishness (nos. 269-311)
      • Parents and Children (nos. 312-23)
      • Poverty and Wealth (nos. 324-30)
      • Pride (nos. 331-57)
      • Mockery and Humor (nos. 358-98)
      • Prayers and Imprecations (nos. 399-410)
      • War (nos. 411-15)
      • Death (nos. 416-22)
    • Variants (nos. 423-57) Notes
  • Glossary
  • Appendix: The Textual History of Hainteny
  • Bibliography
  • Indexes of First Lines
    • Malagasy
    • English

Condition of Item

Very Good. No dust jacket.

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