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Front Cover
Eleven O'Clock Village
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Author: Margaret Gale.
Language: English
No. of Pages: 155

Item Identification Code (UID#): 1618
Shelving Location: Religion & Missionary
Estimated Value: £10.00
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Eleven O'Clock Village

London Missionary Society (1932).
Hardcover Book

List of Illustrations (from pages 12-13)

  • A furry brown lemur
  • "Little villages with quaint huts built on legs"
  • In the heart of the forest
  • Carrying baby in Madagascar
  • Another way of carrying the baby
  • On the way to Eleven O'clock Village
  • Neny with one of the babies at Restwell
  • A Malagasy woman making pillow lace
  • A crocodile at home
  • The fruit stall in the market
  • A basket stall in the market
  • "Why are your children happy and healthy while ours are ill?"
  • Malagasy women weaving
  • Listening to the missionary for the first time
  • "Sometimes down in the deep gorges – sometimes up on the open moor"
  • A Malagasy witch doctor wearing necklaces of charms
  • An encampment of forest dwellers
  • A Malagasy boy wearing charms
  • Threshing the rice by beating it on the ground
  • A Heathen Burial Ceremony
  • At home in a Malagasy village
  • "Can we come?"
  • Malagasy idol and charms to keep off sickness and accident
  • Two women with fish traps and baskets
  • A canoe on the great lake
  • Malagasy dug-out canoes, hollowed out of a tree-trunk
  • Railway engines in Madagascar
  • A Malagasy playing on his valiha
  • The "birds-not-terrible," a present of turkeys for the missionary
  • The Boys' Home, Workshops and Kitchen at Eleven O'clock Village
  • Mountain and River Scenery in Madagascar
  • Picture Map of Madagascar


  • A Great Adventure
  • Welcome to "Restwell"
  • Eleven O'clock Village
  • Merry Days
  • Burning Water
  • Pets, Pests, Floods and Harvest
  • At the Fording of the River
  • Callers – All Sorts of Conditions
  • My Pet, and Others
  • On the Shores of the Great Lake
  • "There is a Lad Here"
  • "Homeward Returning"


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Front Cover: Eleven O'Clock Village        
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