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The Adventures of Larry the Lemur
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Author: Ralph Castaneda.
ISBN-10: 0-595-31815-0 (0595318150)
ISBN-13: 978-0-595-31815-5 (9780595318155)
Language: English
No. of Pages: 39

Item Identification Code (UID#): 1536
Shelving Location: Fiction & Folklore
Estimated Value: £5.00
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The Adventures of Larry the Lemur

iUniverse (2004).
Softcover Book

Text from the Back Cover

Larry the Lemur is overlooked by his family and his parents - and that's just the way he likes it! Larry enjoys taking advantage of his vivid imagination and his parents' forgetfulness to raise havoc in the forest!

Will Larry navigate the maze of the Lemurland theme park to find his brother? Why is Larry's father bald? Do rats in Larry's neck of the woods talk? Larry finds answers to all of these questions and more as he puts his thinking tree to the test in his first set of five new adventures.

About the Author from the Back Cover

Ralph Castaneda, Jr. has been many things, including an activity leader for children, but is currently a System Support Technician and the author of this book. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, he currently resides in Woodland, California.


  • The Beginning: The Legend of Larry the Lemur
  • Chapter 1: The Exterminator
  • Chapter 2: The Jumping Machine
  • Chapter 3: The Thinking Tree
  • Chapter 4: A Day at Lemurland
  • Chapter 5: Larry and the Turtle

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