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Bird Sounds of Madagascar: An audio guide to the island's unique birds
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Directors/Producers: Frank Hawkins and Richard Ranft.
Photographer: Nick Garbutt.
ISBN-10: 0-7123-0534-3 (0712305343)
ISBN-13: 978-0-7123-0534-1 (9780712305341)
Language: English
Dimensions: 142mm x 125mm x 10mm
Running Time: 77 minutes

Item Identification Code (UID#): 1296
Shelving Location: Multimedia
Estimated Value: £9.00
Purchase Date: 2 January 2007
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Bird Sounds of Madagascar

An audio guide to the island's unique birds

British Library (2007).
Audio CD

An audio CD with 99 tracks featuring the calls of 127 Malagasy birds. An accompanying booklet details the species, song type, location, date, and recordist in each case.

Text from Back of Case

The essential audio guide for birdwatching in Madagascar will help in identifying the island's extraordinary bird fauna. Madagascar's avifauna includes an astounding five endemic families of bird, including the mesites and cuckoo-roller, ancient relicts of groups that have now diversified around the rest of the world, which may be heard on this compilation.

An authoritative collection of 127 species of Madagascan birds.

Many rare recordings, most of them previously unpublished.

Many of the species represented are found nowhere else in the world.

24 page booklet fully describing each recording.


  • Madagascar Little Grebe Tachybaptus pelzelnii
  • Madagascar Crested Ibis Lophotibis cristata
  • Madagascar Serpent-Eagle Eutriorchis astur
  • Madagascar Harrier-Hawk Polyboroides radiatus
  • Henst's Goshawk Accipiter henstii
  • Madagascar Sparrowhawk Accipiter madagascariensis
  • Frances's Sparrowhawk Accipiter francesii
  • Madagascar Buzzard Buteo brachypterus
  • Madagascar Kestrel Falco newtoni
  • Banded Kestrel Falco zoniventris
  • Harlequin Quail Coturnix delegorguei
  • White-breasted Mesite Mesitornis variegata
  • Brown Mesite Mesitornis unicolor
  • Subdesert Mesite Monias benschi
  • Madagascar Buttonquail Turnix nigricollis
  • Madagascar Flufftail Sarothrura insularis
  • Slender-billed Flufftail Sarothrura watersi
  • Madagascar Wood Rail Canirallus kioloides
  • Madagascar Rail Rallus madagascariensis
  • White-throated Rail Dryolimnas cuvieri
  • Sakalava Rail Amaurornis olivieri
  • Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus pyrrhorhoa
  • Greater Painted-snipe Rostratula benghalensis
  • Madagascar Pratincole Glareola ocularis
  • Madagascar Snipe Gallinago macrodactyla
  • Madagascar Sandgrouse Pterocles personatus
  • Madagascar Turtle Dove Streptopelia picturata
  • Namaqua Dove Oena capensis aliena
  • Madagascar Green Pigeon Treron australis
  • Greater Vasa Parrot Coracopsis vasa
  • Lesser Vasa Parrot Coracopsis nigra
  • Grey-headed Lovebird Agapornis cana
  • Thick-billed Cuckoo Cuculus audeberti
  • Madagascar Lesser Cuckoo Cuculus rochii
  • Giant Coua Coua gigas
  • Coquerel's Coua Coua coquereli
  • Red-breasted Coua Coua serriana
  • Red-fronted Coua Coua reynaudii
  • Running Coua Coua cursor
  • Red-capped Coua Coua ruficeps olivaceiceps
  • Crested Coua Coua cristata
  • Verreaux's Coua Coua verreauxi
  • Blue Coua Coua caerulea
  • Madagascar Coucal Centropus toulou
  • Madagascar Red Owl Tyto soumagnei
  • Rainforest Scops Owl Otus rutilus
  • Torotoroka Scops Owl Otus madagascariensis
  • White-browed Owl Ninox superciliaris
  • Madagascar Long-eared Owl Asio madagascariensis
  • Madagascar Nightjar Caprimulgus madagascariensis
  • Madagascar Spinetail Zoonavena grandidieri
  • Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher Ispidina madagascariensis
  • Broad-billed Roller Eurystomus glaucurus
  • Short-legged Ground-Roller Brachypteracias leptosomus
  • Scaly Ground-Roller Brachypteracias squamiger
  • Pitta-like Ground-Roller Atelornis pittoides
  • Rufous-headed Ground-Roller Atelornis crossleyi
  • Long-tailed Ground-Roller Uratelornis chimaera
  • Cuckoo-Roller Leptosomus discolor
  • Madagascar Hoopoe Upupa marginata
  • Velvet Asity Philepitta castanea
  • Schlegel's Asity Philepitta schlegeli
  • Common Sunbird-Asity Neodrepanis coruscans
  • Yellow-bellied Sunbird-Asity Neodrepanis hypoxantha
  • Madagascar Bush Lark Mirafra hova
  • Mascarene Martin Phedina borbonica
  • Brown-throated Sand Martin Riparia paludicola cowani
  • Madagascar Wagtail Motacilla flaviventris
  • Ashy Cuckoo-Shrike Coracina cinerea
  • Madagascar Bulbul Hypsipetes madagascariensis
  • Long-billed Tetraka Bernieria madagascariensis
  • Spectacled Tetraka Xanthomixis zosterops
  • Appert's Tetraka Xanthomixis apperti
  • Grey-crowned Tetraka Xanthomixis cinereiceps
  • Dusky Tetraka Xanthomixis tenebrosus
  • Amber Mountain Rock Thrush Monticola erythronotus
  • Littoral Rock Thursh Monticola imerinus
  • Rock Thrush sp. Monticola sp
  • Forest Rock Thrush Monticola sharpei
  • Benson's Rock Thrush Monticola bensoni
  • Madagascar Magpie-Robin Copsychus albospecularis
  • Brown Emutail Dromaeocercus brunneus
  • Grey Emutail Amphilais seebohmi
  • Madagascar Brush Warbler Nesillas typica
  • Lantz's Brush Warbler Nesillas lantzi
  • Madagascar Swamp-Warbler Acrocephalus newtoni
  • Thamnornis Warbler Thamnornis chloropetoides
  • Rand's Warbler Randia pseudozosterops
  • Common Newtonia Newtonia brunneicauda
  • Dark Newtonia Newtonia amphichroa
  • Archbold's Newtonia Newtonia archboldi
  • Red-tailed Newtonia Newtonia fanovanae
  • Madagascar Cisticola Cisticola cherina
  • Common Jery Neomixis tenella
  • Green Jery Neomixis viridis
  • Stripe-throated Jery Neomixis striatigula
  • Wedge-tailed Jery Hartertula flavoviridis
  • Cryptic Warbler Cryptosylvicola randrianasoloi
  • Ward's Flycatcher Pseudobias wardi
  • Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone mutata
  • White-throated Oxylabes Oxylabes madagascariensis
  • Yellow-browed Oxylabes Crossleyia xanthophrys
  • Crossley's Babbler Mystacornis crossleyi
  • Souimanga Sunbird Nectarinia souimanga
  • Long-billed Green Sunbird Nectarinia notata
  • Madagascar White-Eye Zosterops maderaspatana
  • Red-tailed Vanga Calicalicus madagascariensis
  • Red-shouldered Vanga Calicalicus rufocarpalis
  • Rufous Vanga Schetba rufa
  • Hook-billed Vanga Vanga curvirostris
  • Lafresnaye's Vanga Xenopirostris xenopirostris
  • Van Dam's Vanga Xenopirostris damii
  • Pollen's Vanga Xenopirostris polleni
  • Sickle-billed Vanga Falculea palliata
  • White-headed Vanga Leptopterus viridis
  • Chabert's Vanga Leptopterus chabert
  • Blue Vanga Cyanolanius madagascarinus
  • Bernier's Vanga Oriolia bernieri
  • Helmet Vanga Euryceros prevostii
  • Nuthatch Vanga Hypositta corallirostris
  • Tylas Vanga Tylas eduardi
  • Crested Drongo Dicrurus forficatus
  • Madagascar Starling Hartlaubius auratus
  • Nelicourvi Weaver Ploceus nelicourvi
  • Sakalava Weaver Ploceus sakalava
  • Madagascar Red Fody Foudia madagascariensis
  • Forest Fody Foudia omissa
  • Madagascar Mannikin Lonchura nana


  • The image on the front is a Helmet Vanga feeding its chick, photographed by Nick Garbutt.
  • The CD and case are printed with the invalid ISBN 0-7123-0534-1. The correct ISBN is 0-7123-0534-3, equivalent to ISBN-13 978-0-7123-0534-1.
  • Item code: NSA CD 53.

Condition of Item

Small crack in back of case, otherwise Very Good.

Refer to the glossary for definitions of terms used to describe the condition of items.


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