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Maverick in Madagascar
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Author: Mark Eveleigh.
Illustrator: Natasha Velleley.
ISBN-10: 1-86450-329-7 (1864503297)
ISBN-13: 978-1-86450-329-6 (9781864503296)
Language: English
No. of Pages: 221
Dimensions: 127mm x 197mm x 14mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 108
Shelving Location: Travel
Estimated Value: £9.00
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Maverick in Madagascar

(Lonely Planet Journeys)
Lonely Planet Publications (2001).
Softcover Book

Text from the Back Cover

Intrigued by tales of the Vazimba people - a mysterious tribe of white pygmies according to some accounts; an invisible telepathic people according to others - Mark Eveleigh travels to the ancient 'Isle of the Moon'. He treks along Madagascar's north-west coast, accompanied first by his pack bull Jobi and then by an intrepid Malgasy guide, Eloi, who prudently dons a bullet-proof vest for the trip. Braving the dangers of the 'Zone Rouge', Mark is probably the first European in more than a century to cross this forbidden bandit country. Before he comes to the end of his quest, and hears the story of the last of the Vazimba at the feet of an old village headman, he explores the difference between myth and reality in a land that has spawned sacred crocodiles, schizophrenic tyrant queens, blood-guzzling spirit animals and people-eating plants. Mark Eveleigh exuberantly captures the spirit of Madagascar in this magical modern-day adventure.

About the Author (from the First Page)

Mark Eveleigh was raised in West Africa, dreaming of a life of travel and adventure. He has spent most of the last decade travelling through remote regions of South and Central America, South-East Asia and Africa. At first he financed these trips as a pipe-layer, delivery driver, bouncer, security guard and perfume/oil painting salesman. He screen-printed T-shirts in Ecuador and sold time-shares in the French West Indies before deciding, at the age of 26, to channel his `travelling career' into the dog-eat-dog world of travel writing.


  • Maps
  • Part I
  • 1. The Sacred Lake, a Malagasy Legend
  • 2. Diego Doldrums
  • 3. Amber Mountain
  • 4. The Maverick
  • 5. Rawhide!
  • 6. Route Nationale
  • Part II
  • 1. Into the Long Valleys
  • 2. Kalashnikov River
  • 3. 'Sweetsville'
  • 4. Land of the Fighting Sakalava
  • 5. Fihavanana
  • Further Reading

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