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Africa Geographic Traveller: Summer 2005/2006: A Special Issue from Africa Geographic
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Editor: Peter Borchert.
Additional Contributors: Hilary Bradt, Martin Harvey, and Nick Garbutt.
Language: English
No. of Pages: 88
Dimensions: 210mm x 280mm x 5mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 1022
Shelving Location: Periodicals: Geography: Africa Geographic
Estimated Value: £4.00
Purchase Date: 18 January 2007
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Africa Geographic Traveller

Summer 2005/2006: A Special Issue from Africa Geographic

Africa Geographic (2005).
Perfect-Bound Magazine

This special extra issue published by Africa Geographic features a six-page article (pp80-83) about Madagascar. The article by Hilary Bradt is entitled "To the Beat of its Own Drum: Madagascar" and is illustrated with six colour photographs by Martin Harvey and Nick Garbutt plus a map.

Article Summary from page 81

Having split from the African mainland some 160 million years ago, the world's fourth largest island boasts a biodiversity and levels of endemism rivalled by few other destinations. Lemurs are the best known of Madagascar's unique fauna, but the sense of 'doing things differently' extends to the plants and the culture.

Hilary Bradt, a veteran of 20-plus trips, explains why she can't get enough of this extraordinary place.

About the Author from page 87

Hilary Bradt is an award-winning travel writer, a regular contributor to Africa Geographic and the publisher of the acclaimed Bradt Travel Guides. The first African guide, Backpacker's Africa, was published in 1977 and today the series has a particularly strong Africa focus.

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