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Ny Fiasan'ny Fahagagana: William Ellis: Ny Fakan-Tsary Teto Madagasikara 1853–1865
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Author: Simon Peers.
Foreword by: P. J. Smith and Tsilavina Ralaindimby.
ISBN-10: 0-86355-305-2 (0863553052)
ISBN-13: 978-0-86355-305-9 (9780863553059)
Languages: English and Malagasy
No. of Pages: 71
Dimensions: 245mm x 214mm x 8mm

Item Identification Code (UID#): 1017
Shelving Location: Art & Photography
Estimated Value: £35.00
Purchase Date: 2 March 2007
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Ny Fiasan'ny Fahagagana

William Ellis: Ny Fakan-Tsary Teto Madagasikara 1853–1865

[The Working of Miracles: William Ellis: Photography in Madagascar 1853–1865]
First Edition
The British Council (1995).
Softcover Book

This bilingual (English/Malagasy) book was produced to accompany an exhibition of early photographs of Madagascar taken by William Ellis. They are thought to be the first photographic images of the country, dating back as far as 1853. Details of all 62 photographs in the exhibition are given, and 29 of the images are reproduced in the book.


  • Preface / Sasinteny
  • DeLaRue (sponsor's message)
  • Message from the Minister of Culture, Communication and Leisure / Ministeran'ny Kolontsaina sy ny Serasera ary ny Fialamboly (MKSF)
  • The Working of Miracles [English section]
    • Madagascar
    • Ellis & Photography: Objectives
    • Experiments
    • Religious Rivalry & the Camera
    • King Radama II
    • Idealising
    • Opposition
    • Conclusion
    • Acknowledgements
    • Notes & References
  • Ny Fiasan'ny Fahagagana [Malagasy section]
    • Madagasikara
    • Ellis ny asa Sary: Ireo Tarigetrany
    • Andram-Pikarohana
    • Fifanandrinana ara-Pinoana
    • Ny Mpanjaka Radama II
    • Fikendrena ny Tonga Lafatra
    • Fanoherana
    • Teny Famaranana
    • Fisaorana
    • Fanazavana
  • The Plates
    • [1] Ramanalimanana, Tamatave June 1854
    • [3] Princess Ralefoka daughter of Prince Ramonja, 1856
    • [6] Princess Rabodo, later Queen Rasoherina, Tuesday 23 September 1856
    • [8] William Ellis's residence at Antsahatsiroa and the palace of the Prime Minister, Andafiavaratra, 1862–65
    • [9] Antsahatsiroa, 1862–65
    • [10] Antsahatsiroa, 1862–65
    • [11] The battery of Ambodinandohalo and view of the capital looking south, 1862–65
    • [17] Ankadibevava. The outside of the old eastern gateway of the capital, 1862–65
    • [18] The Betsimitatatra plain. Rice fields west of the capital, 1862–65
    • [23] Radama II King of Madagascar, aged 34, Friday 26 September 1862
    • [27] Rainilaiarivony, The Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief, 1864–5
    • [29] Rainimaharavo, Chief Secretary of State for Madagascar, 1862–65
    • [31] Rainitomponiera and his wife Razaimanana, 1862–65
    • [33] Andriantsitohaina and Raonitsietena, 1862–65
    • [35] Rainimiadana, officer of the palace with his ADC, 1862–65
    • [37] On the western verandah of the house at Antsahatsiroa where William Ellis lived, 1862–65
    • [38] Rasoavelona and her grandmother, 1862–65
    • [40] Rasoa in the garden at Antsahatsiroa, 1862–65
    • [41] Rasoa and Andrianaivo standing on the family tomb, 1862–65
    • [42] Rasoa, William Ellis's landlady with weavers, 1862–65
    • [45] Three boys reading and writing, 1862–65
    • [46] Ramanatenasoa with a bible class, 1862–65
    • [51] Laying the foundation stone of the first memorial church at Ambatonakanga, 19 January 1864
    • [54] Betsimisaraka from the east coast, 1862–65
    • [57] Razay the martyr's child. Her father was stoned to death, her mother died in chains. She lives with her husband and children to the north of Ilafy, 1864–65
    • [58] Reverend and Mrs Toy at Ambohipotsy, the place of execution of the first martyrs who were run through with spears. These earthworks defended that end of the city, 1862–65
    • [59] Lazaina, with George Cousins in a palanquin. Behind is a new chapel in the course of erection, the inhabitants occupying the verandah of the building previously used for that purpose, 1864–65
    • [60] Amontana tree, often planted around tombs, 1862–65
    • [61] Promulgation of the laws in a national assembly or kabary on the accession of Queen Rasoherina to the throne in 1863. Taken at Andohelo while Raharolahy was speaking, 25 May 1863
  • List of Exhibited Works / Fitanisana ny asa Naseho

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Very Good.

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