Ring-tailed lemur, copyright Daniel Austin
Stenophis arctifasciata, copyright Daniel Austin
Grandidier's baobabs, copyright Daniel Austin
Furcifer oustaleti, copyright Daniel Austin
Malagasy child, copyright Daniel Austin
Mating Aglyptodactylus madagascariensis, copyright Daniel Austin
© 2004-2023 Daniel Austin

Madagascar Photography

Daniel Austin

I normally visit Madagascar every year and have now spent
a total of almost 18 months exploring this incredible island.

My photographs have been published in guide books,
field guides, magazines, tour brochures and calendars.

If you are interested in photographs of Madagascar to illustrate a book,
article or presentation do contact me with your requirements.

I have a wide range of photographs, including wildlife (lemurs, reptiles
birds, frogs, rodents, invertebrates), flora, culture, people, daily life,
landscapes, and more.

Pricing varies according to usage (chosen media, size of reproduction,
distribution area, circulation, duration of use, and terms of exclusivity)
or may occasionally be offered gratis to certain charitable organisations.

For more information or to enquire about the range of images available,
please contact me via the contact form on my Madagascar Library website.